Popcorn Night

Two’s Dayshammer pic

Every Tuesday check out a new action movie double feature.  Action pics this month include The Raid 2, Rambo, and Haywire.


Surrealist Sundaysbdj_establishing

Time for a quick dive into the witty and surrealist work of Luis Bunuel (active 1929-1977).  The influence of his work is seen in directors like David Lynch and Terry Gilliam.  He directed and wrote over 30 films, including: Belle de Jour, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, and Un Chien Andalou.  The films we will be diving into this month feature: dream sequences, hypocrites, and subtitles.


T. V. Binge NightsBig Eyes

In the world of television, there are two separate but equally important ways to consume T.V.:  watching once a week, and bingeing for days on end.  These are the binges.

Bates Motel

12 Monkeys

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