Surrealist Sundays


Dreams on Film With Luis Bunuel

Time for a quick dive into the witty and surrealist work of Luis Bunuel.  Luis Bunuel was a Spanish filmmaker, who worked in France, Spain, and Mexico (1900-1983).  The influence of his work is seen in directors like David Lynch and Terry Gilliam. He directed and wrote over 30 films, including: Belle de Jour, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, and Un Chien Andalou.  As a sharp satirist, he often threw his darts at religious institutions and bourgeoisie values.  Despite the seriousness of his criticisms, his films are often funny.  They highlight the stupidity of routines and assumptions of upper-classes, and he always squeezes in a dick joke.  The films we will be diving into this month feature: dream sequences, hypocrites, and subtitles.

Surrealist Sundays begins with Belle de Jour and continues with: Diary of a Chambermaid, Viridiana, and ends with That Exterminating Angel.


diary_of_a_chambermaid_link (15 Feb)


the_exterminating_angel_link (1 Mar)

jewelry box close-up

belle_de_jour_link (8 Feb)



viridiana_link (22 Feb)


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